Artist Statement

Pam Thiele

Pamela Thiele

My quilts are quietly revolutionary.

They take off from traditional quilting blocks but then they do their own thing.

They are about the flow of the fabric, the rhythm of color, and the interplay of the designs of the prints with the design of the quilt itself.

They are about journeys, mine and yours.

They’re full of the discoveries I make as I look ever more deeply into the fabric. And full of paths I create for you to discover on your journey as viewer.

I reinterpret basic blocks and play with them – very intentionally not matching corners; my points, when I have them are irregular and not always sharp; my stippling does what it feels like; my lines are never straight.

I don’t have a size in mind when I start. The design reveals the size it should be. My finished art is not a perfect square or rectangle; each side is a slightly different length.

I cut almost every piece for each quilt individually. This is called fussy cutting and I am the Queen of the Fussy Cut. This allows me to control what appears on each piece and how each one relates to the others. It takes a long time. I love doing it.

Actually, I take a lot of time with every stage of my art and often put a quilt top aside for a couple of years until it’s ready for the next phase. Thus a start-to-completion date can span a several years or even a decade.

So my art is at once  subtle and in your face; comforting and disconcerting; and  always dynamic. And always full of the joy of working in this medium.