A look inside my process of making art, making quilts,
and keeping the dogs from eating my fabric.


Onward with my concept of figuring out WHERE the blocks go BEFORE I make the quilt. This stage shown here  is choosing the logs and IT IS HARD. WHINE. FUSS.

Because I have never before tried this way of creating. Still, I want to see how it goes. And I love the fabric. And if I succeed, then I will have a truly harmonious quilt. Although is that what I want to have?!!?!?

Now all those bogey-folks in my head start chatting. “It’s not going to be any good.” “It’s too tame.” “It’s not colorful enough.” “It’s too simplistic.” Who are these folks and from where have they ascended! Shoo!

Sometimes it’s good to stretch. In fact, how else can we move forward? I mean, I don’t want to keep doing the same thing all the time. Do I? I DON’T KNOW.

This should be signed,

Going Crazy in Colorado.

Slow Craziness

Trying a new approach on the log cabin quilt. I’ve decided to try to figure out what goes where before I complete the blocks. Will this work? I have no idea. But anyway, I am trying different placement of the…

Hurricane Sandy

We’ve been watching the Weather Channel  as Hurricane Sandy moves in on the East Coast. Some storm. What drives me nuts is that the networks and cable company, and really, even the local Long Island channel, such as it is,…

Maybe Four Quilts

I have been cutting out the main fabrics for one of the quilts. I will need to start naming these to keep them apart. Because, besides the fabrics for the other two quilts I pulled at the same time, I…


I’ve never understood the quilters who say with pride, “I use every scrap.”  Why? If you’re making a scrappy quilt, fine. But really, why? Why not really look at the fabric and really see the design and all the extraordinary…

More fabric!

I am adding more fabric to the wall for consideration for what I am now thinking of as my main quilt. Given that I pulled enough fabric for three more.

However I bet I’ll have to pull more for…

I am the Queen. And you?


The joy of poodles is their unwavering image of themselves as perfect. Button has matured into a full time poodle, with all the rights and privileges she believes that entails. Luka, the other hand, has that labrador strain…

Hot dog! A new quilt!

This is one of those lovely snowy days here in the Front Range. Since the snow seldom sticks around for very long, we can relax and enjoy it, generally.

It’s in the 30s today but by the weekend, it will…

yes, no, maybe, no, yes

I almost always choose the crazier or stranger or wilder of two options when I make my quilt designing decision. This is also how I play Chinese checkers and is probably why I lose all the time.

But today I…

back to the designing wall

I had been postponing cutting up five ab fab fabrics from the same line I recently got for no real reason at all. The old “I want to do it right” excuse. Come on! Just cut it up! How bad…