Intuitive Quilting

Learn to trust your instincts. Forget the color wheel. Ignore the rules. This is not school. You get to do things the way that works for you. The way that works for me is to think of the rules as optional suggestions by a well-meaning but hide-bound friend.

Learn how take advantage of the extraordinary golden age of commercial fabric we are living in. You don’t have to mess with dyes or special fibers that gum up your iron. You can create spectacular quilts with some fussy cutting and without a pattern, a calculator, or a finished size in mind.

I’ll take you through my process in evolving an intuitive art quilt. I’ll show samples from my work and share with you how each one works as an artistic composition and as an emotional evocation. Learn a new way to look at quilts, think about quilts, and even maybe change the way you quilt.

Change Your Quilts With Fussy Cutting

What comes first for you? The quilt or the fabric? Try taking things from the fabric in and trust your intuition. It all starts with what you choose to cut out of each individual fabric. And it builds from there.

We’ll look at a range of extra large and large print fabrics and discover how, when you start by picking out what motifs you want to use, before you even know what size quilt you are going to make, you can change how you create.

It’s an intentional start to an organic process.  It’s fun. It’s scary. It’s creating a quilt without a pattern, like being on a trapeze without a net. But that’s when you can really soar.

Let’s Look at our Art as Art

As quilters, we all know and understand the techniques but so often we get hung up in describing HOW we did what we did rather than WHY we did what we did.

We should be analyzing our art not by the type of fabric we used but by whether the journey we have created for our viewer is successful.

How do the parts relate to the whole? The small pieces to the large? What kind of movement have we created? What conflicts? What resolutions?

To be accepted as artists, we need to acknowledge and present our art in the terms the art world uses. Terms of respect for our unique visions.

I’ll show what I mean by analyzing some of my quilts, breaking down the artistic process that went into their creation. I’ll also analyze quilts from audience members.


Any of the quilts on this website are available as a workshop quilt. For example:

Red is the New Black

Think of this class as a chance to walk on the wild side with big prints and all-you-can-stand of one bold color in lots of variations. Pick the color you want to play with –hot reds, or demanding oranges, or insistent greens, or extroverted blues.

Starting with the fabric, you’ll pick the motifs you want and build the quilt from there. You’ll work with curved piecing and polish your appliqué skills. Mainly you’ll develop confident in your own unique vision and your own eye for color.

NOTE: We do NOT use the color wheel. It is banned from the classroom.

The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring, Tra La!

Fussy cutting gone wild. Here’s a chance to do some crazy gardening without all the dirt.

Take advantage of the extraordinary beautiful and LARGE floral and leaf prints that have become so popular. We’ll spend a lot of time choosing the right motifs, AKA fussy cutting. This is the key to making one-of-a-kind, wow ‘em quilts.

You’ll develop the confidence to trust your own quilting vision wherever it takes you. We don’t allow the color wheel; we don’t even whisper its name!

Be prepared to laugh, stretch, share, encourage, and be encouraged.