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I lived in and around New York City for about 20 years; moved to Sag Harbor, NY and lived there about 16 years; then moved to Colorado in 2007.

I have worked as a reporter, a copy writer, and an editor;  managed the sales floor of a greenhouse; taught creative writing to senior citizens; and counted people for the U.S. Census Bureau.

Besides designing and creating quilts, I write poetry, play the piano not nearly well enough, and enjoy mild hikes in amazing Colorado. And I love to read, especially contemporary fiction. My spouse, Lauren, and I are ardent activists for full marriage equality and human rights. I belong to the Front Range Contemporary Quilters, a group of professional and intense amateur art quilters

Lauren, and I were the among the first couples in Colorado to receive a Civil Union right after midnight on May 1, 2013. We were married in California in 2008, a marriage which is becoming legal in more and more states. And we  had  a church wedding in October of 2013, which was thrilling. I have two terrific step-sons and three gorgeous grandchildren.

Our dogs are Luka, the labradoodle, and Button, the poodle.

Photo Credits:

  • quilt pictures by Marcia Ward
  • portrait by Jon Fortmiller