alas poor owl-ly!

We have had a little issue down here in my office/studio. On the mantelpiece of the fireplace are the various stuffed toys Button plays with whenever Luka plays BRONCO BALL (a game I have described previously in this blog). Button, being a poodle, does not see the point of Bronco Ball. Fetch? You threw the ball, you go get it.

So she gets a stuffed toy to enjoy. However neither she nor Luka can be trusted with a stuffed toy, unsupervised. Button, after she has played “toss in the air” and “nibble the fur” for a while,  likes eating the eyes, ears, wings, and sometimes, when she’s eaten the other stuff, the stuffing.

Luka likes eating the toy. Period.

Sometimes I forget and allow Button to have her stuffed friend after BRONCO BALL is over. Bad move. I thus have had to perform many little surgeries on the stuffed toys—sewing up holes, cutting out eyes and sewing up the face (which does look weird, I have to admit, but no one seems to care)—resewing on wings and legs until it becomes evident that nothing will hold them on again….

So we come to Owl-ly. Owl-ly pretty quickly achieved faceless status. She has had a couple of wing reattachment surgeries. She was on her last legs, so to speak, although to tell the total truth, her feet, which had been made of felt (I mean, come on, dog toy manufacturers should know by now that felt is a piece of cake, pretty literally, to a dog), are long gone.

This morning it was obvious to me that Owl-ly had sprung a leak. Before we were even through with BRONCO BALL. Yes, some one or ones, some persons unknown, had managed to gnaw or rip their way through her (fake) fur to her stuffing. Happily I noticed before too much stuffing was decorating the carpet and/or a dog’s stomach.

I went and got Fuzzy Person, a former favorite prior to Owl-ly, and gave it to Button, casually and subtly scooping up Owl-ly as I did. Both dogs eyed me pretty closely and followed me to my desk, where I put Owl-ly in a drawer.

Then I pretended that Fuzzy Person was more fun than finding a sock that had fallen out of the basket on the way to the laundry. I threw Fuzzy Person. I chased after Fuzzy Person. I retrieved Fuzzy Person. I squeaked Fuzzy’s squeaker several THOUSAND times. However it was for naught. We all knew where Owl-ly was.

Two dogs sat next to my desk, pointing at the drawer. I finally gave up playing with Fuzzy Person by myself and sat down at the desk to check email. Eventually Button got bored and decided to take a nap. Right next to my chair. But there was a wee slight  sliver of space left because Luka, who could play fetch until the skies fall and the moon turns to fudge, (the end of the universe for me definitely has to involve chocolate) has stepped delicately over Button and is sitting RIGHT next to me and nudging my thigh.

Nudge. Wait 5 seconds. Nudge. Wait 5 seconds. Nudge….

Yes this has been going on now for many, MANY minutes. And I am about to crack. I am going to try the ole treat ploy. Maybe a little snack will take the pressure off me and later today, I will smuggle Owl-ly out of my drawer and into the garbage….the garbage in the garage, I mean, because if I threw her into a waste basket here, she will be rescued faster than I can turn around. And so we are reminded again how easy it is for Luka to train me to give dogs treats.