An Orange and Blue Ball

Yesterday we had a crisis here. Luka, our labradoodle, loves to play fetch. Sometimes she accesses her inner poodle, but not on fetch. When it comes to fetch, she is all labrador.

Your basic poodle (not that any poodle is basic but you get my drift) doesn’t really see the point of fetch. But a labrador! Ah, for a labrador, fetch is Nirvana.

However, according to Luka, there is only one ball that is good for fetch. It is a blue and orange colored ball. The colors honor our Denver pro football team, the Broncos. And so the ball is called, BRONCO BALL!

Now we have four Bronco Balls. But only ONE of them is THE ball. We have no way of telling which is the good one. But Luka knows. And that is the only one she loves to play with. The others apparently suck.

Yesterday Luka and Lauren were playing Bronco Ball, and Luka managed to hit the ball with her nose, unintentionally, and it bounced over our fence and into the neighbor’s yard.

The neighbor also has a dog, a sweet small puppy named Winnie. Small though she is, she is clear on that yard being HER yard and we didn’t want to upset Winnie by going uninvited over the fence. Plus our neighbor is recovering from an illness and takes naps, so we didn’t want to call her in case she was asleep.

So I emailed our request. I said  that the world’s best Bronco Ball was under the bush on the rear left side of her yard and asked if would she would  toss it back over the fence sometime. And if some creature had already stolen it (like a Bronco Ball-playing fox or coyote), please to not worry.

Later the four of us went out again. Button, the poodle, could care less about the whole thing. But I immediately went to see if the Bronco Ball was still under the bush. Alas, it was gone and I didn’t see it in our yard.

I turned to Luka and said, well Sweetie, maybe you can learn to love another one of the Bronco Balls, sucky though they are.

And she said WANNA PLAY BRONCO BALL? HUH? DO YOU? HUH? WANNA PLAY? and tossed the ball from her mouth to my hand. She had spotted the ball and scooped it up so fast neither Lauren nor I even realized it was back in our yard.

She was thrilled! I was thrilled. We ran – well, okay maybe Luka ran and I walked fast—to show Lauren. Lauren was thrilled. Lauren threw it and Luka caught it, and the world was back on its axis and the sun returned to the sky and life was gooooood.

And I got to thinking how I wished all my concerns and worries could be solved by an orange and blue ball. Maybe it’s time to play fetch again.