BB Anonymous

A very large white curly haired dog is looking at me right now with equal measures of hope and resignation. She feels I would be a lot happier if I were playing what in our house is called Bronco Ball. Since her favorite ball is orange and blue and is sold under the name of the Denver Broncos, our NFL team.

I have written before about what Bronco Ball means to Luka but that was then and now I think some of us, aka Luka, have slipped from having fun with Bronco Ball to being addicted to it. Way addicted. Because we have already had two good games of BB today. At least, I thought they were good. Apparently they didn’t go on long enough, by which timing I mean, they didn’t last all morning and all afternoon. I imagine she feels, as have my other dogs in my life, that I have a miserably short attention span. Play BB with me for 10 minutes and then I am bored. Humans. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.

Luka is a labradoodle. Mostly she’s like her poodle ancestors. But in a few ways, she is all labrador. For instance, no poodle I’ve known much sees the point to fetch. You throw the ball, you should have to be the one to bring the ball back. Yawn. This is how Button, the poodle, feels. She watches Luka chase after toss after toss after toss with amazement. She will try to distract Luka by — oh, say, grabbing her tail or chewing on her ear. Fun games all but no, Luka can not be dissuaded from BB. So eventually Button will take a nap or go somewhere else. If they’re playing in the yard, Button will find something disgusting to eat that will make her hork later. Now THAT’s a good time. But Luka will play BB until she drops, if we let her.

On warm days like this, we play inside, downstairs in my studio which is cool and has a nice fan. But it is still kind of WARM and there is just so much running a dog should do. Or so we dumb humans think. We force Luka to stop with the chasing and rest. At which point it becomes apparent that she is panting HEAVILY. But eager to continue. If only we humans had the stamina.

She has right now put the ball down at my feet. Button will steal it to engage Luka’s interest in her, Button. But it takes Luka about 1 second to get the ball back and put it down by my feet. Now Luka has lovely big brown eyes and a sweet earnest face and it is WAY hard for me to say no. But I do. Because she is already panting like crazy.

You might ask why does she have the ball if the game is over. This would only be something someone who has never had a Lab would ask. You fool. In order to get the ball, and despite the fact that basically she is a well trained dog with a strong drive to be VERY VERY GOOD, it’s a BALL DUH and she is not giving it up.

I figure I could take the ball and put it away one of these times she drops its spit-covered gloriousness on my left foot –but that just seems like cheating. Maybe it’s time to lock myself in the bathroom.