Poodles & Xmas Trees

This is Button’s first year for a Christmas tree. Last year, we were in L.A. with the family. And the year before, Button’s first owner was too ill to do much of anything.

So Button was agog at the whole Christmas tree event. She thought it was amazing that we’d brought a tree into the house. And then we put all those fun little dog toys on it! AKA our ornaments.

Since my little poodles were always very invested in getting the ornaments off the tree, I thought perhaps we needed to hang most of the provocative ornaments high. I underestimated what a tall standard poodle would consider interesting. The answer is: anything.

She started delicately removing the fuzzy or stuffed ornaments. Since I love sheep, there are a lot of those. So they went up near the top. Then she apparently thought, heck, I don’t need fuzzy, and she removed some metallic ones. And tried to eat them.

Consequently, I came back from a morning of work last Saturday and there was a fence around our tree. Our tree now sits in its own playpen. Button thinks this is truly structured of us. A little rigid.

But the ornaments are safe and, more to the point, so is she. And Luka, who would never take an ornament herself but who would not hesitate to eat any ornament her sister drags off the tree.

Peace on earth and may your ornaments stay free of dog spit this season!