Finally we have  had a true snow storm like the ones the rest of the country has been blasted with this winter. Of course it’s Spring and our storm is a typical Colorado Spring Storm. Or so I hear. Wet, heavy, and deep. Well over a foot.

The dogs are thrilled. They played outside on the deck which had about a foot of snow for 45 minutes and had to be cajoled inside. And then rushed to the downstairs shower because the snow was caked so intensely on their legs and tummies we had to use warm water to melt it off. They didn’t protest so we figured they were feeling the cold and appreciated our efforts.

And then we had to lock them out of our bedroom in an attempt to keep the bed dry. Despite the towels we have piled on it to absorb whatever moisture the dogs bring in with them (mostly mud nowadays)—there’s just so much a towel can do.

They were irritated with being excluded. They huffed and puffed but finally settled in the living room. Right now the third load of dog towels is in the washing machine, and the second load is in the dryer.

But it’s a pleasure to see their joy in the snow. They are sooo happy to bounce around in it and chase each other. I wonder why dogs love snow so much. Some of them do outgrow this when they get older – especially the poodles I’ve known. But right now the girls have a puppy enthusiasm for the whole thing. It’s a delight.

Despite having to shower them off and dry them up and wash the towels yet again –it’s worth it. I bet they wonder why we don’t take advantage of this great treat and join them. It is tempting on a day like today. The snow looks like great whipped frosting. And I am itching to do a snowperson. On the other hand, there’s a lot to be said for being warm. Maybe next time.