real snow dogs

Earlier this week we had a Spring snow…wetter than normal. Seemed like an actual blizzard for a while. But, since it’s Colorado, mostly melted in a day or so. The dogs loved it. Couldn’t wait to run all over the yard. Begged to be allowed to play on the deck. What is it about snow and dogs?

vista Button did a lot of great snow snorkeling.

both dogs And Luka eventually laid down which she apparently loves to do. Go figure.

luka lying down

“They” say March and April are our big snow months. But the good thing about that is that the temps go up again the next day and the snow goes away. Mostly. Plus our little micro-climate that we live in — this small slice of the Front Range — seems to get fewer of the storms than the rest of the state. Even Denver gets more snow and it’s right next door. And WEST Denver! Fuddegaboutit!