why I am not a photographer

I thought it might be fun to have some pix of the dogs playing Luka’s favorite fetch game: BRONCO BALL! And since I have an optimistic nature, I thought I could take those pix. Ha!

What happens during Bronco Ball is Luka focuses with an intensity that could move mountains on the ball and Button focuses on Luka, the squirrels, the possibility that her friend next door, Winnie, might come out for a walk, falling leaves, any bugs in the neighborhood, and all forms of edible vegetative life in the yard. Sometimes Button will chase Luka, as Luka chases the ball. But that pales as entertainment for Button pretty fast.

two tailsHere on the left is a stunning shot of the two girls running together.catching

IĀ And on the right is Luka catching the ball.

I am sure you can see what I mean about how beautiful they are as they run. Or perhaps you can imagine it.

To be fair to Luka, I did capture a couple of moments of pure dog pleasure. The anticipation as the ball is coming toward you…the pleasure of actually fetching…and what I think of as the beauty shot…fetchbeauty shot

ready to catch