Hurricane Sandy

We’ve been watching the Weather Channel ¬†as Hurricane Sandy moves in on the East Coast. Some storm. What drives me nuts is that the networks and cable company, and really, even the local Long Island channel, such as it is, NEVER go out to the East End, where we used to live. A big enough storm and the East End will be under water. I think the news people just don’t want to be stranded. So how can we really tell how our friends are doing? And how is the place we loved enough to live in for 20 years, Sag Harbor, doing?

I truly hope all my friends are safe and have all the food and water and batteries they’ll need. Having lived through a couple of fairly big hurricanes out there myself, I know it will be a loooooong time before power is restored.

Since the East End is at sea level and a lot of the large, super expensive, MacMansions were built right on the water, the damages can be great. I hope not. At least Sag Harbor itself is not on the Atlantic, but nestled on of the side of Peconic Bay. There will be flooding but it won’t be quite as bad as the ocean side. We used to live about 2 miles from the ocean, on a slight rise. We joked that if there were a big enough storm, we’d be water front because everything between us and that little rise we were on down to the ocean was at sea level. With only sand dunes to hold back the surge. Some day there will be a storm with a big enough surge indeed to bring the ocean up the road toward our old house. May this not be that day.