I’m the Expert. NOT!

Like most people, I know some stuff about some things. But I generally don’t feel the need to assert my knowledge all that much. I can go with the flow. (Or so I tell myself.)

However there are a few things I think I know really well. So well that I don’t ever have to even think about them. This is when I get into trouble. And I never ever seem to learn from my mistakes: defending my point of view when I am dead wrong, for instance. Or checking back with the source of some information to see if maybe, just maybe, I am remembering it wrong.

Like for instance this cookie recipe I have been making for 30 years. I feel that I know this recipe so well, I never have to check the ingredients or the steps. I open up the cookbook to the page where it’s listed out of habit but I never really look at the actual recipe.

So yesterday when I was making a double batch of the dough, I thought to myself, as I have for years, and I mean YEARS, this dough is so dry. It’s such a pain to roll out and cut out the cookies. And the cookies tend to flake apart which is tedious.

Because I thought I knew this recipe so thoroughly,  I have even made the cookies without even having it on hand, like when I was on vacation in my former scary sister-in-law’s place in Boca. And those cookies were dry and flaky too.

I need a new recipe, I thought. (That it has taken me maybe twenty years to reach this conclusion does not say a lot about me.)

Then, after the first batch of dough was finished, and shaped into three very crumbly rounds to cool, and placed in the fridge — for the first time in 20+ years, it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe,  I should double-check the ingredients.

And waddaya know. I have been using too much flour. For years and years. ARGH!!!!

So the second batch of dough, with the right amount of flour, was beautiful. Nice pretty rounds to refrigerate. Easy to roll out. No flaking cookies. And the cookies tasted the way I remembered them from my early adulthood. When people craved them and actually ate them.

Sigh. Maybe I have learned something here. Geez, I hope so.