The spooky weather station

To being with, weather station seems like such an overdone name for a dual thermometer. But maybe that’s just me. But it’s sort of like using water feature for a fountain. Anyway, once I got the replacement weather station up and running two days ago, all was well with the world. Ignoring the fact that the instructions were a tad wrong and you had to just keep trying stuff until some combo of events I couldn’t possibly duplicate got it to work.

Ignoring the tedium of setting it up, I was happy to have both the indoor and outdoor temperatures at hand. And so we went to bed. Around 12:30 I woke up because Luka was prowling the bedroom in a very nervous manner because Lauren was prowling around the living room. I asked what was wrong, and Lauren said there was a flashing light somewhere in the house. We both thought perhaps an alarm–smoke, CO, whatever– was malfunctioning.

But no. It was the weather station which, for inexplicable reason, has a light that flashes continuously whenever the temp goes below freezing. Why, God only knows. I mean, most of this nation has days, and sometimes even weeks, when the temperature dips below 32. In fact, this device is sold by a company headquartered in Maine, for heaven’s sakes! where trust me, it can get cold. And stay cold.

Were it a device for citrus farmers, I guess I’d understand. But it was not described that way. And I imagine the citrus people have far better and more expensive devices to help them protect their crops.

I thought about returning it. Again. But then I decided to put some masking tape over the flashing light. It seems to work. The weather station can fret all it wants and yet its very insistent light will no longer wake us up. I think we are getting too complicated in our equipment. Just because something can be made to flash, does not mean it SHOULD be so made. The simple original design was all I wanted–of course it no longer exists. Something that would let me know the outside temperature without having to go outside. And nothing more. Alas. I am so close to giving up and putting up more of the very old-fashioned thermometers which hung outside a window. They worked. Argh.