I’ve never understood the quilters who say with pride, “I use every scrap.” ¬†Why? If you’re making a scrappy quilt, fine. But really, why? Why not really look at the fabric and really see the design and all the extraordinary things you can do with it? I never worry about wasted fabric. I collect my scraps–the larger ones, at least–and donate them to some worthy cause. Over the years, I’ve sent boxes of larger scraps and fabrics to victims of floods and hurricanes and tornados. And now, I donate it to our church’s Prayer Quilt Ministry. But I want those scraps out of here. They’re in the way. The way of my moving forward.

I can’t imagine worrying about using every inch of fabric. I know our foremothers had to. But we don’t. Or, if we do, may we use them with intent.

I also can’t understand the people who say, “I can’t cut a piece out of the middle of my fabric.” My God why did you buy it then? We buy pieces that are cut from a larger bolt. So continue to cut them. Get what you need from each piece. Be thankful for it and release the rest. I just cut 6 lob cabin center squares out of two half yard pieces of simply stunning fabric. And so that fabric will get used. It won’t sit on a shelf intact but unused. We have bought the fabric to make quilts. It WANTS to be made into something. So see the possibilities, cut them out, and get over your qualms.

And have fun. This is about our vision, not about preserving half yard pieces of fabric. Revel in your opportunity to cut wherever you want. Now pick up those scissors!