Maybe…maybe not

I am having so much trouble with this quilt top. This is about the fifth time I have redone it–adding squares from fabric I bought Tuesday. At the left is one of the previous attempts. At the right, the latest.

I started the quilt in part to use the yellow print with the stylized birds–it’s the second print down on the left most side of the left quilt. But it really pulled the quilt out of balance…at least for me. Every time I looked at the top on my design wall, that print grabbed my attention, no matter where I put it.

So now I have taken it out, although I am sorry to have done that because I really like it. It’s weird and happy and bright. Instead I have added four prints from a line that’s new to me. And I am going to let the whole thing sit for a day or two. Of course, that’s what I said two months ago when I first laid this out. Perhaps I should have just completed the quilt then. It would have been fine–but would it have been right?