A Gaping Hole

And here’s where we are now today. I have 15 large squares that work perfectly. I love the placement of each. The quilt top makes me happy EXCEPT for one wee tiny problem and that is I need 16 squares, not 15.

a gaping hole

The horrible gaping hole is in the upper left hand corner.

And absolutely NOTHING works in the place for the 16th square. Nothing. I have tried that and it didn’t work either so stop suggesting things.

Lauren, my spouse, who possibly thinks I’m being a little dramatic– I CANNOT GIVE THE BABY A QUILT WITH A GAPING HOLE IN IT!—but who tries to sympathize, has suggested I have one square of colored fabric. YIPES.

As an artist, I haughtily sniff and say that RUINS the design.

HOWEVER she is back upstairs and I’m thinking…I’m just thinking maybe just maybe she has a point.

Plus this lets me dive into my huge stash of large COLORFUL florals.

I need to remember that I do not have to cut out a huge selection of these which will lead to my starting a whole new quilt and I NEED to get this top finished so I can figure out the back and quilt it …but it’s tempting.

If you don’t hear from me for a while, send out the search dogs. They will find me wallowing in florals along the east wall of my studio.