I have trimmed the blocks and they are looking better so my panic has receded. Somewhat.

Now all I have to do is arrange them so they work. Since this task is facing me, I decided to layout another quilt.  Except I cannot get this even newer quilt to work.

I am using the leftover semi-circles from the Water is Wide. I’ve sewn them into –well, not exactly circles, more like ovals, and I’d like to use them. But nothing seems to work for the background. For instance: Not black and cream stripes.

circles on stripes

And definitely not colored stripes. I thought the red would be great but –no. And then I thought maybe the olive-ish green but not really. None of these.

circles on colored stripes

And then I tried some Australian prints. First with a cream colored print in the mix. Yech.

circles australian one

Then again with another print. Blah.

circles australian two

I think the basic problem is that this doesn’t work as a quilt. I have no overarching idea. No reason to make this except to use up those damn ovals. And so nothing works. So back to the Water is Wide. Which is working because I started with a concept and listened to the fabric. Is there a lesson here? Hmmmmm.