Adela and the Quilt

We went out to L.A. this past weekend to meet Adela, the GrandDaughter! And to deliver the baby quilt, among other things. Like ohing and ahing and holding the baby.

my quilt and Lauren's needlepointed baby brick in the crib

THE baby quilt and Lauren's needlepointed baby block

Adela is beautiful. Honest. I say this dispassionately and objectively. She is a stunningly beautiful baby. She was 2-and-a-half weeks old and growing every day. Smart. Great conversationalist. Wonderful sense of humor. A really charming baby and that part is true.

I gave her, via her parents, the black and white (and red) baby quilt. She is fascinated by a couch pillow her parents have, which is a black silhouetted trellis with vines against a cream background. So the large, less-than-subtle graphics of the baby quilt really worked.

Her mom put it in her crib and she did stare at it while falling asleep. She is still so small and new that she takes up very little of that crib and it will be a while before she’s large enough to need that quilt.

This hasn’t stopped me from thinking of the next several baby quilts I intend to make. All of which will be bright colors and baby-appropriate fabrics. It’s quite a departure for me to use those fabrics – I normally use large florals and never ever pastels. But for this baby – I am happy to use those sweet prints that exist for kids. In fact, it fills me with joy to make baby quilts for Adela.