and so it begins

Have started seriously thinking about the design for a potential quilt. I pulled a lot of fabrics for my design wall a while ago and I have been kind of staring at them periodically. I think maybe I am ready. Maybe. Of course this is an indulgence on my part because there’s a lot I should be doing in my life right now. But the addiction of fabric is a hard one to ignore. I am so ready in cut into some cotton and start figuring out blocks….

second quiltHere’s the selection thus far. I won’t use all of these and I will add more, over time. I never start out with everything I wind up using. That’s part of the pleasure of creating my quilts. They guide me. I just have to tune in.

I know I need to break up the two large panels because they do me no good as is. I want to use the large koi prints and maybe this is the place. Those too will have to be cut up.

I wonder using other big prints in this mix. Will they draw attention away or add interest? Dunno yet.

And are the two lower prints with the large and small circles too dull? We’ll have to see. I think it’s time to do some serious rotary cutting. YES!