Another trunk show. YIPES!

Getting ready for a trunk show I will be doing for the Castle Rock quilt club. I always look forward to these. They help me see my quilts with new eyes and I learn more by having to articulate what the heck it is I’m doing. Still, ulp. I have decided once again to create a new narrative and I hope to heck it makes sense.

Along with that, I am trying to finish three smaller quilts I’ve made. Got two of them done. Two are more of what I have been doing for a while, make large blocks with funky fabrics. One is a departure for me. I love all three, but especially the one that’s a departure.

I will report back on how the trunk show went. It’s this coming Tuesday. I love the name of Castle Rock. For those of you who aren’t acquainted with Colorado, there is indeed a large mesa which looms out of the land around it that indeed could just maybe be a castle. I like this name better than some of the ones the white settlers conferred on the various landmarks they saw. I understand that the names are pretty literal because they needed to be — people were looking for specific landmarks on their incredible moves west. So ¬†aim for “the rock that looks like a castle” became over time, “aim for Castle Rock.” At least Castle Rock conveys some of the wonder of seeing this monolithic being rising from the earth.

Anyway, back to work. Here are the finished quilts–two down, one to go.

finished cousin chrisfinished morning star