Big Relief

I have finished piecing the top for The Water is Wide. And I like the quilt again. I didn’t like it when I got the center section completed. This happens to me a lot. But I know now to move forward and see what happens. And happily, once I put the borders on, I like the quilt again.

The borders are my old favorite, piano keys. In different widths. What I’ve done this time is to make the order of the fabrics consistent in the two side borders and the top and bottom borders. This is new for me.


Amazing how such a relatively small thing can seem earth-shaking. I mean to me, this detail is huge. I thought about it; I debated the pros and cons to myself; I slept on it (metaphorically).

Generally I want a random look in my piano keys. But I thought the quilt’s structure – the fact that it is very structured, actually – demanded a more structured border.

As always I had the help and artistic advice of the dogs. Luka was in and out of the studio. Luka needs to keep an eye on the clock at all times because she is convinced we humans will forget something important, like snack time and dog supper. So she alternates between reminding me and then Lauren, what the time is and how close we are to a dog event.

And then Button came down toward the end of my piecing the border in place, and laid down and napped. (She is a true poodle, in that food is not really an important part of her day.) She was sharing her calm with me, which I greatly appreciated. Especially because I was concerned about how I didn’t like the quilt, it was all wrong, I’d made some huge mistakes….yada yada yada.

my staff

Button pointed out that I had accomplished exactly what I’d wanted to; the quilt actually worked; and there was not too much red, which was a major concern. She agreed that there should, however, not be a red piece in the border, to keep the balance of red in the quilt where it should be.

Now I simply need to find the right backing, do the quilting, bind it, and make the label. Piece of cake. Or, in Button and Luka’s case, piece of kibble!