Denver National 2011

Today my quilt came back from this year’s Denver National Quilt Show. I had entered only one quilt this year, so I was relieved when it was accepted. “There is more day to dawn.”

It is always such a thrill to see my quilt in a show. I feel sort of vulnerable, very happy, kind of proud, and a little disconcerted. Someone actually said she liked it, while I was looking at it. That’s the best!

The judges’ comments this year were a little better than they’ve been before. Judges don’t quite understand that I do things on purpose, like not squaring up my quilt. This year the comments were that it was a good use of the fabrics. (How lovely. And I mean that.)

And that the quilt hung straight. (WHAT! Am I supposed to be complimented by this! IT HANGS STRAIGHT! They looked at my spectacular quilt and all they could think of to say, was It hangs straight?!?! Gee thanks.And my fingernails are clean, too. And I don’t burp in public.)

And then the negative comment — and there’s always one — that my batting should extend into my binding. This seems a tad, just a wee bit of a nitpick to moi. And if a quilter has entered a quilt where NONE of the batting is in the binding, shouldn’t the assumption be that, that is intentional???? I ask you. Had I wanted the batting in the binding, I would have had it there.

Ah well, at least the comments were better then last year. Which tells you what last year’s were like. AND the judges saw that I was using the fabric as the point of the quilt. Unlike most of the quilts in this year’s show, which were pictorial.

I had no idea pictorial was such a huge thing. It is the absolute opposite of what I do. So maybe it’s an accomplishment that the same judges who gave all the prizes to the pictorial quilts were able to see anything good in my quilt. But the best thing is that I was able to see a lot of good things in my quilt. I was proud of it and it looked good hanging there. Cool!