didn’t work

So all the messing around with the quilt I discussed in my previous blog, didn’t work. I have gone back to most of the fabrics I originally had in the quilt, although I have eliminated the bright yellow one with the weird birds. And in its place I added one of the new prints I cut out yesterday. And still this is not quite right. I think I have to pull the amazing faux gold print with the hummingbirds, much though I love it too. Alas. It’s the first thing that grabs my eye. I think that I simply didn’t support these two strong yellows with enough other similar colors–I kind of went off on a green tangent and that’s the color that predominates the quilt now. Sigh. I will have to do a wild yellow quilt to honor those amazing prints. Well, since all I want to do is create quilts, this isn’t such a bad thing to have to do. Of course now the second print down on the right side of the right quilt looks wrong. Am I changing this too much? Am I making it dull? I hope not. That print is not right. Anymore. SIGH!

So I have changed the layout and replaced two fabrics.  And then I changed the layout again. On the left, I think the fabrics are okay but the placement, not quite. The light green I replaced the bold print with (second fabric down on the right in the left hand quilt) is wrong there. In the right hand quilt, I have swapped it with a fabric from the bottom row.

And now I think I’ve got it. I also think I need to piece this quilt together NOW. Enough. There are more quilts to be made. It is interesting that what was supposed to be–or imagined by me as being — a bold print quilt with wild yellow fabrics has evolved into a more subdued color quilt. Now I am thinking that some of the nine patches don’t really belong here. Like the right nine patch at the lower left corner (on all of the pictures. It is not at home here. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!