Done and done

I finished my circle quilt top today. Whew! I still actually like it. Sometimes I get this far and decide I don’t like the quilt or there’s something fatally wrong with it or I was totally off base with my thinking. But not this quilt. Lovely when that happens.


I intend to use a black batting simply because I have one and I’ve never used a black one before. We’ll see. I think it will be good for the look of the quilt since there’s a lot of black in it, and the red is very rich. I have no idea what prompted to me to buy a black batting since I don’t generally use black or dark colors–but the universe knew what it was signaling way back when I bought it, since it should really enhance this quilt.


I have also finished the back which I also really love. Haven’t pulled out a binding fabric yet but I am not concerned. I’m sure there’s something here that will work.

Names? I am toying with a couple of names. “Going in Circles”  Nope, not serious enough. I think this is a serious quilt.   Or “Meeting Myself, Coming and Going.” Again cool title but maybe not for this quilt. I think the title has to wait.

And the other question I have is — what is the top? I designed it the way I show it in the first photo. But flipped a little…I think it’s spectacular. And less expected. Can’t decide.