don’t bother me

And now I’ve finally finished the super-sized Shoo Fly quilt. Borrowing from the song, I’m calling it: don’t bother me. At least for now. It’s a whimsical quilt and I’m concerned that anyone who doesn’t know that old song, won’t get the reference. And so the title could seem more grumpy than the quilt deserves.

DSC00381_2_2The top came about because of a hanky I bought from a vender at this year’s Denver National Quilt Fest. I loved the extreme graphic of the hanky. An incredible floral. And then I found an oversized African print and I wanted it in the quilt too.

Interestingly enough, I think they don’t overwhelm the quilt — I tried to find equally strong prints for the other blocks. In fact now I kind of wonder if the hanky, which is the center block, is somewhat overwhelmed itself. Maybe not. Actually, to me, the quilt seems well balanced.DSC00384

I did a half and half binding. Half the quilt is bound in a fabric that has metallic grey dots on orange. And the other half (more or less) has smaller very bright dots on very bright backgrounds. “A foolish consistency is the hobglobin of little minds,”according to Ralph Waldo Emerson and I have found that quote way helpful in my life. Especially when creating quilts.