eeny meeny

I’ve been doodling with some fabric while I work on finishing the three quilt tops I need to quilt and the one mystery top I am working on in top secret with the curtains drawn. So of course I have made a little top while I was thinking about doing all those things. This is an example of what I call  Quilter Logic.

The doodle quilt is a basic shoo fly. However the blocks are each not quite 18″. What do you mean, “what does ‘not quite’ mean?” It means I don’t feel like measuring. They are around, about or close enough to 18″.

So there are nine blocks. And I have had to make some extra because two of the first nine didn’t work. Great fabrics. Fun blocks. But not for this quilt DSC01588_2. I’m referring now to the quilt on the left, and specifically, to the lower left and upper right blocks. The minor prints are too busy. In the lower left, the major print is totally lost.


So what to do? Well I went to my stash (always glad of an excuse) and found some orange-ish background prints and some two-color, silhouette, large floral prints. So I made those two blocks. And now I’m worried if having two silhouette prints is one too many. In the quilt on the right, they are the block on the left side of the second row and on the top right.

It is amazing how many combinations you can get with just nine blocks. It is actually either amazing or absolutely irritating or totally confusing or completely crazy-making.

I need to keep the two silhouettes away from each other. I believe. And yet keep the quilt in balance. So that the other blocks continue to complement each other. And so no block takes over the quilt. Right now there are a couple of very insistent backgrounds — the hot pink one, the bright, light orange one. And I want to avoid having two blocks with bright main fabrics next to each other, if at all possible.

I also think I want the center block to remain in the center. It is a handkerchief which I’ve reenforced with iron-on, lightweight facing. I love the huge flowers on it. And I really would like the animal print, which is an African fabric to stay put in the middle of the upper row. I think. I made this quilt because I wanted to use that African print. And this was the only valid way I could figure out to use it.

Although maybe I’m being too rigid about what STAYS where.Sooooo, I have moved the African print and the sky has not fallen.

I think I am getting close to a layout. COOL! Once I abandoned the rule I’d set: these blocks don’t move around — then the quilt started to come together. I did try moving the middle block, incidentally — all over the place. But it just didn’t work anywhere else. I think because the major print reads light and has a little bit of white in it. It really needs to be in the center. To my eyes.

Below is the final choice. For now. Unless I decide that two silhouette blocks don’t work. Then I’ll make something else. We’ll see. DSC01612_2