finally snow

While I realize the rest of the country has been having , shall we say, challenging weather, we in this little strip of Colorado between the Rockies and the Plains, have been having a swell early winter. Up to today, when we finally are getting some snow. Our plants and trees, and most especially, our lawn, need the moisture. Our lawn is pathetic.

This year instead of our normal 2 feet of snow by this time, we have had, until today, only 1 and 1/2 inches. So we watched the snow start around 10:30 a.m. with a mixture of relief, happiness (I mean, it IS Christmas), and a wee bit of a sigh. I like living here. I like snow. Especially Colorado snow which is a whole lot lighter than that heavy fat stuff you get back East…still, it is snow. But then again, it is December.

The dogs are thrilled. Of course. They run around like puppies–not that they’re all that old, anyway. And they snorkel through it. The snow flakes started small and like little round droplets. Now they’re wider and fatter and all around lovely. I collected some on the sleeve of my parka…they were beautiful.

It is the perfect day to start a quilt. I think I am going to make some based on patterns I’ve already done. I spooked myself by the last quilt I made–it was such a departure–and I just haven’t done any pulling fabrics and cutting things out and all that fun stuff. I miss it. I need it. Time to get back in the groove….sometimes ya have to create in order to create…if you get my drift…which, given, the snow, seems the right word to use.