I’ve got the perfect 16th square. WHEW! I cut it out for the middle of the yardage I have thus reducing the amount of usable fabric a lot. But I always go for the exactly right section. I never worry about conserving fabric. Because that means your choice is being driven by the wrong things. Even if you only get one usable piece out of your fat quarter or half yard, if it’s a perfect piece, if it lifts up the quilts and fits in and makes you happy and the quilt just right – that’s the piece.

The fabric has large and medium red flowers and small black flowers. I choose a section with two medium rather than one large because I figured the big red flower would be so insistent and rude about being noticed that the rest of the quilt would get depressed.yes

I have only one black flower in the section also intentionally. I needed black in this patch but not too much black.

SO MEGA WHEW! The top is now ready to be pieced. And while I’m doing that, I can start pondering what design the quilting should have.

YIPES! With the red element introduced, my thread choice no longer works. I wonder, maybe red thread??? Would that be cool or would it be too much? Hell, I think it would be cool so I’m going for it.