GrandBaby Thread Issues

I have been worrying about what thread to use to quilt this quilt. I was thinking I SHOULD use grey. But I don’t WANT to use grey. It’s almost as bad as white. I never use white. Ever. I don’t even buy fabrics that have a white background except for of course black and white prints and even then I prefer them to be more black than white.

So while I was taking my nap – yes a nap – I came up with the thread solution which is to use a variegated thread in primary colors. This is not why I nap – I am supposed to be getting rest and healing from my knee injury and my disgusting winter cold. But instead I started thinking about thread and that was that. Very productive nap if you think about it.

And no I do not have a bad cold now or I would not work on the GrandBaby’s quilt. Although I suppose any germs could be washed out. I’m not taking any chances.

And then I started to worry again about what to do with the extra fabric I’ve cut out. Naturally I can use it for the back. But should I cut it more and do a pattern on the back? Or not? This became so problematic, I finally fell asleep.