Hot dog! A new quilt!

This is one of those lovely snowy days here in the Front Range. Since the snow seldom sticks around for very long, we can relax and enjoy it, generally.

It’s in the 30s today but by the weekend,┬áit will soar into the 50s and next Monday, it may hit 62 again! And good bye snow!

Perfect day to work on my new quilt. I am still in the process of pulling fabric. Actually I have pulled about 300 fabrics and it looks like I will be working on 3 new quilts, maybe. I dunno–things just got out of hand. Out of MY hand, at least.

The lead fabric is a stunning one, I think. It’s at the center of the photo on the right of this page.

And this time I believe it has the power to stay the lead, no matter where the ultimate design goes.I am still putting up fabrics I

think are compatible, so I haven’t worked out what block I will be, more or less, using yet. Hard to tell at this stage. I need a lot more fabrics up there. Then I’ll know. In the meantime, I think I start pinning up a second quilt. At least, I think it’s a quilt. And then there’s the third one. What a great day this will be!