If at first….

Next steps. Sometimes it’s obvious. Sometimes it’s hard. This new quilt is hard. I cannot work out the areas surrounding the main block. I have tried many MANY things.

I found the perfect fabric for the right hand side. It’s the metallic with the circles and lines. And I am going to LEAVE IT ALONE. Since it seems to work as is and I am cutting up and rejecting so many fabrics, I need one stable piece or I will GO NUTS.a

However I am not convinced the orange fabric at the end of this section works with that black metallic one. And I CANNOT figure out the area below the main block.


So I’ve added more of that metallic to the lower left side and I just dunno. And combining the grey and the rusty fabric with the semi circles. Is that working? I suspect n. o.

Okay so the red wiggly stripes on black works. That is a sure thing. That warms my heart. HOWEVER. The stuff around it. Oh dear. And the long piece going down the left side. With the orangey leaf-like motif. At first I thought YES.


Now I think NO. Perhaps if I flip it?  Flipping maybe works. It eliminates the psychedelic material however. And do I want to use that. ARGH!!!!!d