It’s Done!

I have finished the GrandBaby’s quilt and, as always, I am having thousands of second thoughts. Does this happen to everyone?

I tried to make a quilt that would be extremely graphic and very safe. So not a lot of quilting that could catch baby toes and fingers. In fact, to avoid this, I did zigzag quilting in the ditch. Intentionally small zigzags for safely.


I used red thread and, so the zigzag, by virtue of being a little wider than the basic running stitch, assures that the red thread shows. Good.

I didn’t want to lessen the impact of the large designs in each block so I decided not to stipple or echo quilt them. I dunno. Maybe I should have. I will never know. I do know all this second-guessing is driving me nuts.

So what am I happy with? Well, I love the red binding.

I really love with the prints I used. Talk about visual impact.

And I’m glad I’ve created a sturdy quilt that can be laundered with impunity. This quilt can be used. A very small person can spit up on it and – no harm done. It can go on the floor and be rolled on and crawled on. Piece o’cake.

I’m delighted with the back of the quilt.

Next I need to make a label. Which brings up another question. How do I describe myself – I am the GrandBaby’s stepmother. So who is this quilt from? StepGrammy? StepGram? GramPam?

Surely using my formal name – the way I normally do on my labels– is  way too formal. Thank goodness, this gives me something else to worry about.

But most important, now that I’m finished,  I can start thinking about the NEXT quilt for this GrandBaby.