Some leftovers are ultra yummy. Some, not so much. Especially fabric leftovers. I often have blocks left over from quilts I’m making and generally I pitch ‘em. Otherwise, if I hang on to them, they make me crazy–I feel like I have to do something with them and I start feeling guilty and that screws up my creating new quilts. Better to get rid of them.

However sometimes I have A LOT of blocks left over. A LOT. And it’s hard to pitch these. I have used a couple in the totes I’ve been making and intend to put on Etsy once I get the gumption to open an account and a PAY PAL account and take the photos and and and….


Where was I? Ah yes, leftover blocks. So I had several left over from Adela’s baby quilt. I pieced them and then decided they didn’t work. But they were cool–large graphic white on black (or black on white) florals. So I made the mistake of keeping them. Along with a border of two dotted fabrics –blue and green –that REALLY didn’t work on the quilt I was thinking they would work on.

So I decided to put the two together. The result is shown here.

And I am vacillating between loving and absolutely hating it. I think I’m going to net out on hating it. It is too busy. And the use of the colored dots fabrics makes no sense. I wouldn’t have known this if I hadn’t created the quilt, I guess. So now I have to remember that it isn’t wasted time if I learned something and what I learned is to GET RID of leftover blocks.