So I have now pulled enough fabric to make at least 3 more quilts and I have found the perfect fabric for several baby quilts. The studio is a mess. HOWEVER, I have also found about 20 fabrics to audition for the hole in the GrandBaby’s quilt.

After looking at each of those, and I refrained from cutting them all up, which shows we CAN learn and grow or maybe shows I am getting kind of tired…anyway it has come down to three possibilities.

I always photograph my quilts in progress and look at the pix on the computer which helps me see what I’m doing with less emotion and more dispassionately. So that’s the theory. It does help.

I think I have three good options here. I have to live with each one for a while. Not a long while. But a little bit.

My whole THEORY of MAKING ART is that it really matters what fabric and what motif I cut from that fabric. I fussy cut everything so I can control what’s on each piece of fabric I use, no matter how tiny.

I like doing this. I love handling the fabric and seeing so many possibilities in each design. This is a deep pleasure of this art form for me and I am reveling in it. I think I will go roll in all the fabric that’s on the floor by the studio’s east wall.

I know that I will have to pick it up soon because I am neurotic that way. I don’t like clutter. But for now, in this moment, I can go love up my fabric and clear my head. And then I can return to this quilt and make the right choice.