Maybe Four Quilts

I have been cutting out the main fabrics for one of the quilts. I will need to start naming these to keep them apart. Because, besides the fabrics for the other two quilts I pulled at the same time, I have also decided that the left-over fabric from these quilts would make a simple and stunning wedding quilt for a friend of ours who is getting married next year. She’s not a close friend; really, barely a friend. But she’s a young gay women who has made the commitment to get married (she’ll be going to Mexico City, since no gays can get married here in Colorado) and I want to acknowledge her courage in doing this.

So it’s four quilts now. How cool! I am having so much fun!

Here are the candidates for center square in the quilt I have been cutting out this afternoon. Let’s call it the log cabin quilt. I won’t use all of them. And to the right side are a few of the strips of fabric I will use to make the logs for each cabin. I am thinking of one set of logs per cabin. I’ll see how that looks. Next step is to get all the logs cut. Then pair the centers with the logs. Oh joy! I love this!