Maybe yes?!?!?!?

As quilters, we are NOT supposed to fill space just for the sake of filling space. Our work should be organic and look intentional. So I am going crazy over this quilt.


I absolutely love the main block. But gee it’s been like pulling teeth to get the rest figured out. I think I finally got the lower left hand side settled. I think. I hope. It seems to be working right now.

However I have given up on the lower right hand corner and cut it off. SO this presents another big piece of empty space on the quilt. What to fill it with? I tried those grey and rusty red semi circles and they just aren’t making it.

So I thought maybe the grey with the psychedelic dot circles. OR MAYBE NOT. It keeps pulling the eye over to it and really demands too much attention.two

And then I remembered that a quilt should be pieced. And that I get to decide how long and wide it is. So I have decided to piece two of the supporting fabrics horizontally stacked. Now THAT I think will work.three