More fabric!

I am adding more fabric to the wall for consideration for what I am now thinking of as my main quilt. Given that I pulled enough fabric for three more.

However I bet I’ll have to pull more for each quilt. Or decide that the second quilt is just not going to happen right now. Although I really like the fabrics I’ve pulled for it, too. Oh well. It’s better to be overwhelmed with fabrics and ideas, then not. Right?

Right now I have no idea what block this quilt calls for. I think I don’t have enough fabrics on the designing

wall to make a decisions.

BUT the third quilt I pulled, is easy. It is obviously going to be a log cabin–with BIG center squares. I think. I need to be cutting fabric right now for my mental health and meta physical pleasure so I will soon know if I’m right about choosing the ┬álog cabin. AHHHH fabric!