New Quilt

I have started working on a new quilt. Well, actually I started a couple of weeks ago and I went a little crazy, pulling potential fabrics. I figured, if I used a different fabric for each piece of each block, I’d need 108 fabrics. So I pulled 170 fabrics from my stash. Hey, what! I LIKE fabric.

I more or less winnowed this heap down to the 108 I needed and then I started cutting out the various block pieces. Which is one of my most favorite parts of making a quilt. Fussy cutting. I have fussy cut every piece of this quilt. And of the 3 or 4 other quilts I’ll be making for the left-overs of my cutting madness. Because, you see, I was so in love with each fabric and how I could manipulate the images by cutting different parts of each print, that I went a wee tad overboard on the cutting. Actually, to be accurate, I cut enough 4 inch squares to make several additional quilts. I couldn’t help it. I kept seeing possibilities in the fabrics.

I think it’s irrelevant that I did not NEED 4 inch squares for the main quilt. Nor am I going to use any 4 inch squares on that quilt.

The main quilt is another variation of Moon Over the Mountain. The one I previously made is titled Summer Solstice in the Rockies (it’s in my gallery on this website)  and the prints reflect the lushness of summer. This one uses prints that feel more Spring like. And overall, I think it has a definite color range. The Summer Solstice was about all colors–the primary colors of summer. This one seems to be more about awakening greens, sort of. And lighter blues.

I am continuing to use the sharper profile of the mountain for this, because I like it. And I live in Colorado now, with new mountains. Not back East, with older, rounder mountains.

The 9-patch I’ve put together is still not exactly right. I had cut out some 12″ squares just because…which is the exact reason I cut out the 4 inch ones. I liked what I was seeing. I was grooving on fabric. So I have incorporated one 12 inch square in the main quilt. Just one. Way cool.

And put several in the 9-patch.

It’s the 12 squares which are making me nuts in the 9-patch. I can’t quite get the right ones in the right place. Although I will, I know. I am living with each version for a day. And eventually things will gel. Can wait to piece these two together.

In the meantime, I put together a few 9-patches and 12 inch squares into 2 prayer quilts for my church quilt group. I merely need to make the backs for these, quilt them and bind them. That’s all.

So a great cutting festival  has turned into at least 4 quilts. And I am having a blast!