One Cutting, Five Quilts

A couple of months ago, I needed to make a new quilt. I mean, I NEEDED to be handling fabric and cutting fabric and absorbing fabric. I decided to make a variation of Moon Over the Mountains. I made a version of this quilt when we were still back East and contemplating moving out here. I made the mountains taller and sharper, and I really like that quilt.

I thought if I have 6 blocks by 6 blocks–a pleasant size–I would need 108 different fabrics. This means that each sky, moon, and mountain would be different, which I think is fun. Of course, I always wind up using one or two fabrics more than once because I fall in love with different motifs in their print. But still I wanted the option for every piece to be unique.

So I pulled about 120 fabrics, separating them into 3 piles: moons, mountains, sky. I cut out wide swatches of each (18″ squares)–I more or less fussy cut these, because I am all about fussy cuts and the point of what I do is to choose the best look for each and every piece of fabric in my quilts. Well, to tell the truth, at this point, I was so drunk on fabric so I cut out two large squares from each because I really fell in love with all the different prints. This is what happens to me all the time and why I generally wind up with more quilts than I’d planned.

Then I had a lot of fun deciding who went with what. I figured out each block for the Moon Over the Mountains quilt and cut out the pieces. And now ALL I have to do with THAT quilt is piece it, put it together, and quilt it, and bind it. Almost done.

But I had all this leftover fabric. SOOOOOO I made two prayer quilts for my church (it’s amazing to me I am doing this but that’s a whole other story). And laid out a nine- and one-patch quilt. (Just need to iron the pieces, piece them, quilt them….yada yada yada.)

And a smaller quilt for Adela’s first birthday which is coming up fast. I just finished wrapping Adela’s quilt and it will make it in plenty of time. It’s called NOT EXACTLY and each block is a liberated nine-patch, cut at different angles. As are we all, really.

Next, I just have to finish the two other quilts. So I think it’s time to start pulling fabric again. WHEW!!!!!

4 of the blocks from Not Exactly

a portion of the Moon Over the Mountains

Adela on her recent visit to us