Or Maybe Not

or maybe notFor the GrandBaby’s quilt, I’ve chosen five large and five small prints and I’d planned to use one large square of each. And make nine-patches using all of them.

Or maybe not.

Now I think that doesn’t work. So today  I’m using 2 each of the five large prints. For the large squares. God knows what I’ll do with all the excess large squares of  the small print stuff I’ve cut out. I shudder to think. It’s sitting there on the cutting table…..

But I think the visual is less confusing with fewer fabrics for the large squares. I want the GrandBaby to like her quilt, not to be confused by it.

And to be honest I want all the adults who are going to be taking care of her to want to use the quilt, not to put it away with a shudder.