Second Thoughts

I’ve now assembled The Water is Wide…or rather the center of the quilt because this is a quilt that really REALLY needs something more. But what?

I have put a border of striped fabric around it but uh huh. Doesn’t work. At all.

This is my second border, actually. The first, also a stripe, was gorgeous. Way too gorgeous. It overwhelmed the quilt. It was a more insistent stripe with metallic thread. Stunning. What quilt?

So I think I am back to Plan A which was to make a piano keys border. Which I do a lot of. This works with most of my quilts. Adds color without overwhelming the center. And yet.

I am wondering. How about a design? What design could add to the quilt without diminishing the center? Are there any?

The problem is, something overtakes me at this stage. I tend to want to GET IT DONE. Very VERY bad motive. I have always told myself best thing to do when I feel this way is to start another quilt. So I don’t wreck the almost finished quilt with my need to finish it. Ya know what I mean?

I have hundreds of quilt ideas rolling around in my head. And lots of fabric to make stuff with. My fingers itch to play with my fabric and pick out the selects for the next quilt. I AM READY.

But this — starting a new quilt to “inspire” me to finish the current quilt —  is how I wound up with 18  tops to quilt last year. Now did I learn from that — or didn’t I? I mean, I  learned, didn’t I, to finish one before getting too many more in the works. I HAVE learned this, yes? Earth to Pam, slow down, enjoy the process. Yeah, but….