Shoo Fly Top Finished

I finished piecing the top of my big fat shoo fly quilt. As yet unnamed. I had a lot of fun with this quilt…the colors just make me smile and I used a variety of big prints—overwhelming florals, silhouetted florals, a vintage handkerchief, and some super bright dots. The  shoo fly variation block allowed me to use large pieces of the prints and to do a lot of fussy cutting, which is what I LOVE to do.


The handkerchief is the reason for the quilt – I found it, I fell in love with it, and I chose the other fabrics to complement it. Since it was always going to be the center square, I chose bold prints for the others, so that no one square dominated, at least to my eyes.

figures The other print I have wanted to use in a quilt but couldn’t figure out how is the one to the left of the center, with the figures outlined in black. I love this print but I was concerned that the figures were too insistent. Too demanding of notice. I therefore cut  them so that a part of each figure was missing, to make them less dominant. Hope that works.

The border is a piano keys variation that I think works pretty well. Doesn’t detract from the main body of the quilt. Adds a frame sort of. There is a little surprise in it, in that the strip that runs through the piano keys doesn’t form a second frame but instead runs only from top to bottom and from side to side. I didn’t want to overdo the frame thing, so I thought this would be just a wee bit jarring.

I have the perfect back picked out. And now I need to quilt the three, no wait, four quilt tops I have waiting. Before I start another quilt. I swear I will do this. Honest. Soon.full quilt