Slow Craziness

Trying a new approach on the log cabin quilt. I’ve decided to try to figure out what goes where before I complete the blocks. Will this work? I have no idea. But anyway, I am trying different placement of the center squares, which will be the largest pieces in each block. When I get them balanced, then I’ll choose what I’ll be using for logs for each. ARGH!!! This is a real change for me and I am nervous about whether it will work. Normally I would complete the blocks and then begin to figure out where each one goes.

I have wound up with 5 rows of four blocks each. For now.. .I had thought of doing 4 rows of five–actually this is sort of a joke. A quilt of 5 rows by 4 = 4 rows of 5. EXCEPT that my quilts are always directionally designed. So, for me, it is different.

Initially I was planning on 5 by 5 rows. But that just didn’t work. So I have a lot of leftover squares which I’m thinking could go into the wedding quilt I’ll be making. Or not. Probably. Or on the back. I am trying to take the time to live with each variation before I change things up again. So here’s the second one I’ve tried. I wonder if the green fabric in the third row is too insistent for the spot it’s in? It and the fabric immediately below it are both stronger than the fabrics around them. So one of these two has to be moved. Probably. Maybe I should switch around the entire thrid row — nope, can’t. Then I would have the two large soft florals directly under each other. However, if I switched the  soft floral on the right end with the one underneath it and THEN switched the third row….ARGH!!!!!!!