Stage two. Again.

On to stage two in my new quilt. The center was easy; I knew what I wanted to do from the moment I saw the fabric. And of course, I don’t want the center to BE centered. A little skewed is more interesting. To me, at least.

I’m obviously playing with circles here and having a ball. But the problems arise with everything and I do mean EVERYTHING that isn’t the off-center, center block.

I’m thinking I could take the easy way and just use some fabrics as they are printed, rather than cutting them up. But that grits in my craw, as they say. Or they used to say. Or maybe someone said once in a movie I saw a looooong time ago. Had to be a Western. That’s how Hollywood thought everyone spoke. “Yee Haw, it grits in my craw! Giddy-yup!”

red onlyWhere was I? My quilt is not just the one block so I need to make other blocks that have some visual interest without overwhelming the main block. I have found another fun quarter yard (I generally never buy quarter yards, so who knows what got into me) – it has metallic threads, so it echoes one I used as a stripe on the left side of the main block. And it has circles. Of course if I don’t cut it up some, it could distract from the rest of the quilt. The trick is to balance the distractions and keep the emphasis on the off-center center.

I also am ambivalent about the fabric on the lower left side—the almost psychedelic one with the circles made out of dots. It may be too much.

On the other hand, the one I’m thinking of replacing that with, may be too much of a different color. I know it’s grey but it seems too different. I am going to have to cut it up and see what gives. I have it in a sort of reddish brown but that on its own may be too much too. So I could try combining them….red two

Plus I have absolutely NO idea what to do with the border on the left hand side. Maybe I can sneak some of the psychedelic stuff in there but I suspect maybe not. This is one of those times when you have to do it in order to see it. Get out those scissors and prep the rotary cutter! I am ready! Giddy-yup!