The GrandBaby’s quilt and the scary extra fabric

Large Patch SolidsI have started making the baby quilt for our grandbaby, due the end of April. She’s a girl but her parents aren’t deciding on a name until they see her. Seems smart to me.

Her parents’ decorating scheme is gray with black and white accents. And since babies allegedly only see in black and white initially, I’m thinking that makes it easy to make a quilt everyone will like. I hope.

As always I have way over-cut-out the fabric. I cut enough for what I thought would be two quilts. But no. There’s at least enough for 3 maybe four. Unless I do something creative for a border. Although size is an issue – I don’t want to make the world’s largest baby quilt.

This over cutting what I may need is in part just something I do and in part Mary Ellen Hopkins’ fault. Nice to have someone to blame. I heard her speak, over 20 years ago, and she suggested always cutting out enough fabric to make two of the same quilts.

The problem with this is that I find that boring. I don’t want to repeat myself. Although since I am selling my quilts, I realize it’s good to have one to sell and one to use as a sample. But I never seem to get around to making the second one. So I have to worry about what to do with the extra fabric because I experience cut-out fabric as a pressure. USE ME! It seems to scream.

Cut-out fabric also feels like a deadline to me. And I have always had a problem with deadlines in that I HAVE to meet them. So the fabric pieces sit on my cutting table like rebukes. I begin to avoid looking at them. I avert my eyes from the rear of the table, which is where they’re sitting. Which makes it hard to use the cutting table because I can’t look at the part where that damn fabric is stacked up.

Where was I? Ah yes, size. Worrying about the size of any quilt I make is something I normally don’t do which is another reason why I bet I always go so overboard in cutting things out. Generally the size just happens. However this is a baby quilt. So I need to have a size in mind from the start, which is very confining to me.

The pattern itself is easy. A simple alternating one-patch, nine patch. I love this look with large colorful florals. I’m hoping it works equally well with bold black and white prints.