The Trunk Show Review

The trunk show went really well, if I say so myself. What a totally nifty group of women! This club (The Castle Rock Quilt Club) is so open to new ideas, it is a thrill to be around them. I mean, honestly. This is the kind of person I try to be but it’s not always easy. But here was a group of kind of mostly traditional–although that’s not really an adequate description–quilters grooving on my quilts. Did that feel cool or what?

Plus they asked a lot of questions and really got involved with what I was trying to do. They made me feel terrific. They loved my quilts. I mean, wow. So much depends on the audience for just about anything. Well, this was an audience eager to learn and to see. It is so good how an experience like this feels. It makes me hugely grateful. It makes me want to make a ton of quilts. I know, I know, I have to get some on Etsy and eBay, and clear out my space. But it’s just soooooo good to play with fabric and I am in the mood!

Plus, because I had this show coming up, I have quilted the three tops that were hanging around here. Well, okay there’s a fourth quilt top which I WILL QUILT SOON. And the fifth quilt top I am going to take to a professional because it’s too large for my short arm and I do not want to do it with my sewing machine. Life is too short to do that wrestling.

Anyway I feel caught up and happy. And I am seeing my quilts a little differently, thanks to this group. Which is wild and interesting and I have to think about what I learned about me and my quilts from them. Hmmmmmmm….