this one? that one?

I have most of the circle quilt (as I have nicknamed it) pieced. Now it’s time for the final few decisions. I can’t decide which way to piece the middle bottom section. Either with the darkest fabric toward the psychedelic dots or toward the…gee psychedelic dots. Hmm…okay either more to the left or the right.


The problem isn’t simply that it’s dark but that the fabric on the other end is relatively light, and I think it can get lost easily. I have just about everything pieced and this indecision is holding up the completion of the top.

I was so frustrated I went to look for the backing and found the perfect fabrics! I will have to piece them but I think they’ll be great. They are either from the same series that one of the two main pieces is from – or they should have been. That is a relief. I was going to look for the right binding but 1. I don’t think that will be too hard; 2. I thought it would be pushing my luck and 3. in the process of looking for the back, I made a decision.

preferredThe darker fabric is going on the left; the lighter on the right. As they said in The 10 Commandments, “So it is written. So it is done.” I think that’s what they said then. I seem to remember Yul Brunner with a ponytail saying it. And I agree. There comes a point when decisions must be made and stuck to…unless you really change your mind in which case that’s why there are scissors. Which Yul should have used on that ponytail.