Is anything scary than the first cuts you make into the fabric for a new quilt? I have a design in my head, based very loosely on the drunkard’s path. VERY loosely.

I want to use all blues for all the pieces, of which there are a lot—lots and lots of semi-circles and the other parts–except for three. These three semi circles will be red. This requires a lot of juggling – which blue goes where? And a lot of moving things around on my  design wall.

I believe I have the basic blocks all figured out and have pieced them.

I forgot that I’ve never pieced in semi-circles before. It is very different from piecing in quarter circles. I have had to redo every damn one of them. Because I don’t want ANY gathers. But they ALL gathered at one place or another. ARGH!

starting wide water all large.

Now it’s time for blind panic because the blocks aren’t right. They just aren’t right.

But happily I remember this is almost always true of my basic blocks. Why I can’t remember this before I panic is a question I often ask. I always panic at several stages of each quilt. Would that I could remember from quilt to quilt when these panic stages hit! But alas, I never do.

The blocks are too large because I always make the blocks too large and then I cut them down to the size I want and to be uniform. More or less. Give or take. Mostly take.

I am headed to the cutting board with a thousand (okay it only seems that way) blocks to cut smaller. And then I shall be happy again. Until I panic again.