what to do?!?!!?

I’m having tremendous problems trying to create another quilt using the sunburst panels I have. The first one I made was stunning (if ya ask me). It was mostly black, red, and gold. But….the remaining sunburst panels have more color and I had two of them –actually I have three but the third was just too blah so I cut it up for bags–an the two remaining are not yet talking to me.

Initially I tried large one blocks….but uh huh. Way toooooo boring.step 2 As you can see on the right.

So next I am trying strips… that is, cutting up the bold prints into strips and sewing two different print strips together…and I just don’t know. I did not make the strips a uniform width because why should I and that means I can’t line up the striped blocks. Which is fine but now what do I do with them??

step 3And as for the other fabrics I have culled, I have NO IDEA what to do. Sometimes this means that this is not the quilt I should be working on. I can take a hint/

So I will give it another day or two and if nothing gets better, it’s the scrap pile for this one. Because I don’t want to make a predictable quilt. I want a stunning quilt. Sigh.